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Getting to Gdańsk center from the airport


This is the easiest option. Cabs are usually available at the airport, a drive to Mercure hotel should cost between 40 and 70 PLN (= 10 to 17 EUR). The taxi company recommended by the airport is NEPTUN Taxi, phone: +48 585 111 555 or +48 800 170 700. Independent taxi drivers may charge you more.


A direct connection from the airport to the city center, takes ca. 30 min. Choose bus stop number 1, line 210 direction ORUNIA – GOŚCINNA (also denoted as DWORZEC GŁÓWNY at the bus stop) and get off at DWORZEC GŁÓWNY (Main Railway Station). You can buy a ticket in the Relay shop in the airport hall (3.20 PLN = 0.75 EUR) or with the driver (3.80 PLN = 0.9 EUR). Remeber to validate your ticket after getting on the bus.

Relay shop in the airport hall:

Bus and train stops in front of the airport hall:

Bus 210 departures from the airport (dni powszednie = working days, soboty, niedziele, święta = Saturdays, Sundays, holidays):


This requires transfer in GDAŃSK WRZESZCZ. Buy a ticket to GDAŃSK GŁÓWNY in the Relay shop in the airport hall (this ticket must be validated in the yellow ticket validator when getting on the platform) or you can buy a ticket from the train conductor / ticket inspector on the train. The ticket should cost you 3.80 PLN (0.90 EUR). Take a train in the direction GDAŃSK WRZESZCZ and get off at GDAŃSK WRZESZCZ station, which is the end stop for most airport trains. In GDAŃSK WRZESZCZ go to platform number 3, track 502, take any train in the direction of GDAŃSK ŚRÓDMIEŚCIE (or ŚRÓDM.) and get off at the third stop (GDAŃSK GŁÓWNY – Main Railway Station). The whole trip should take about 30 to 50 min.

Train departures from the airport on 17 June:


Train platform at the airport with ticket validator:

Train platform in GDAŃSK WRZESZCZ from which trains to GDAŃSK GŁÓWNY depart:

Soccer match

The playing field is located just a few minutes walk from the hotel and belongs to the High School (Liceum) No.1 in Gdańsk. Its surface is tartan, so appropriate sport shoes are necessary. The meeting will be at 18:20 at the entrance to the Mercure hotel. The tentative playing time is 2 x 20 minutes with a short break.



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